(Proforma - Mortgage Brokerage)


ProForma is a domain name brokerage service. We do not price the names offered for sale and do not make any decisions on the offers. We work as an intermediary, presenting offers to the Sellers on behalf of Buyers.

Please read the entire FAQ to avoid any confusion or disappointment regarding your offer.

Q: What is the minimum bid?
A: There is no set “minimum bid”, but obviously the more serious the offer, the more chance the Seller will respond. Offers should always be above $10,000. This doesn’t mean that any name will necessarily sell for that amount; it’s what will open the door to negotiation. Please be advised that even an offer of much more than that on a premium domain will often be ignored by the Seller.
Q: What can I do if I don’t want to pay that much for a name?
A: Don’t buy the name. Buyers always have the option of choosing where to spend their money, just as our clients have the option of pricing their domains. ProForma has no control of pricing.
Q: Why are the prices so expensive?
A: Everyone’s definition of “expensive” is different. A domain name is a virtual storefront and the right storefront will bring in many customers either because of its keyword resonance, brandability, or in the form of type-in traffic. What is the value of that storefront if it allows you to create a business that attracts millions of new customers?
Q: I don’t want to attract customers. I just want a name for my school project/personal website/girlfriend/boyfriend/dog/church group/charity etc. Can I have it for free?
A: No. Our clients are domain investors and bought “property” as an investment. Much like you wouldn’t be able to have a house for free because you “want it”, you can’t have their property for free.
Q: I filled in your form, why didn’t I get a response?
A: Were all the fields filled in correctly? Did you accept the terms of service? Was your offer priced in the range of the Seller’s minimum expectations? ProForma strives to answer all serious offers, but occasionally a Seller will ask us not to respond to a Buyer. As the Sellers are our clients, we do as they ask.
Q: I filled in your form correctly, offered a high price, but the Seller won’t sell me the name. Why?
A: Often Sellers are keeping names for future development or personal reasons. Some names just truly aren’t for sale at any price. It is also possible that an amount you feel to be very high is in fact quite low in relation to the resonance, meaning and value that continuing to own that domain name represents to the seller.
Q: How do I know the name will be transferred once I pay?
A: All transactions are processed through our attorney’s trust account or Escrow.com. Both services will hold your payment until the name is transferred to your registrar. Funds are only released to the Seller once you inform them that the transfer was successful. The Seller will always pay the escrow fees.
Q: How does ProForma get paid?
A: ProForma is paid a “commission” by the Seller only. The Buyer is responsible for the costs of transfer to their registrar and all transaction costs at Escrow.com if they don’t choose to use our attorney’s escrow service.
Q: Is financing available?
A: Some Sellers do have financing options on some names. These will always be done on the basis of a healthy down payment, and always have restrictions regarding how the Buyer can use the name and where it can be registered. More details can be given as offers are negotiated.
Q: Can you give me stats and traffic numbers for the name I’m interested in?
A: No. Our clients don’t release traffic or revenue numbers for their names.
Q: Your client has a name I want for my website and I don’t want to pay their asking price. What can I do?
A: First, you build a time machine… Our clients own significant domain assets because they had the foresight to register before anyone else or the courage to spend a great deal to buy the domain. It’s their asset, it’s their price. You can always buy a different name that is in your price range.